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A discussion on Buddhism and desire

October 21, 2009


The following is a transcript that started on Facebook. However, in the interest of taking it off of the original author’s thread (as not to take over his thread) I have moved it here in an attempt to keep the discussion going in a new forum. I have not received the original author’s permission to […]

Late night catechism

October 14, 2009


Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I am a big fan of the late night television host, Craig Ferguson. I think he is a brilliant man, an extremely talented actor, and a hysterically quick witted comedian. Plus it helps that he is Scottish and tattooed and that just kicks ass. The other night […]

Is anyone there?

October 5, 2009


During my recent writing on my thoughts on the matter of God, I came across a journal entry I made from June 29th, 2004.  Keep in mind that I was in a way different place in terms of my Christian beliefs than I am today, but some of you may get something out of it. […]

My thoughts on the matter of God: Part VI

October 4, 2009


Psalm 14:1 Do I believe in God or not? What about organized religion? Am I an Agnostic? An Atheist? Or just confused? Here is what I have determined about the matter of God and what this has all been leading up to. First, I believe He exists. Second, I do not believe that any person […]

My thoughts on the matter of God – Part V

October 4, 2009


I had questions about the claim that God is omnipotent. I questioned this for two reasons. The first comes from a question once posed by Socrates. The other has to do with the question of free will and God’s ability to see the future. I will start with Socrates who once posed this question that […]

My thoughts on the matter of God – Part IV

October 3, 2009


My fall from faith…. You may be wondering why I keep droning on about my history in faith rather than just getting to freaking point huh? You want me to just get to the point? Too bad. You have to know where I have been, before you can know where I am. I am the […]

My thoughts on the matter of God: Part III

October 2, 2009


My Catholic Experience By February of 1997 I met Staci, whom I eventually married in 1998. We are still together and happily married to this day. And it was through Staci’s family that I was formally introduced to the Catholic Church. Her family is the most devout Catholic family I have ever known. They faithfully […]