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Forgiving the Music Man

May 19, 2011


Forgiving the Music Man A vision of me in a mystical state Midday of passion, an unconscious mistake Youth defies love’s lasting embrace An altered state of mind soon took her place A desperate flight from angels to the satellite in the sky I wonder if he cared, I wonder if she cried Imagination filled […]

A Life Unfurled

February 7, 2010


Come Papa’s girl take a seat right there Your life is soon changing so you must be prepared Live your life free And find your own style Don’t rush into marriage Go play for awhile Experience the world See all that you can A secluded warm beach Your feet in the sand Live life simply But […]

A Poem: The History of Thanksgiving

November 25, 2009


The Pilgrims sailed upon the Mayflower They had no engines but lots of wind power 9 weeks they sailed over ocean blue All of them Puritans, Not even a Jew They arrived in winter inside of Cape Cod but later moved south to worship their God Plymouth was founded a settlement was created But the […]


October 26, 2009


I existed briefly, formed from an experience you once called love You held me, yet my unformed eyes were unable to gaze lovingly upon your face I was enveloped in warmth and comfort Yet my world suddenly slipped away I was formed in unity with you By blood By flesh By spirit I seem to […]

I am

October 16, 2009


I am a husband I am a man I am an ex and a sham I am a son I am a brother I am employed and a really bad lover I am a boss I am a peon I am a friend that you can lean on I am fat I am white I […]