My justification for writing a blog, despite my insignificance in the universe
So I have heard about this blogging thing for several years now and never really understood the purpose of it. Why do people care about what insignificant blowhards like myself have to say? But after keeping a journal for several years, I came to realize that I was expressing myself and my thoughts to…well, nobody. I felt a need to share my creative brilliance with someone! And dammit that person is YOU. Besides, who can read my handwriting anyhow? A pen? What the fuck is a pen? The crap that comes out of my head flows faster than I can write. Being a police dispatcher, I can type fast. Faster than you even. Even though I’m a stupidvisor now, I can still type faster than you. So, why not join the millions of other egotistical douches in the world that write stuff that they assume people want to read about? And that is what I did. So for those unfortunate few who may purposefully or accidentally stumble across these pages, I hope to entertain, inform, humor, and even provide some misguided insight for you. For those of you who are not reading my brilliant musings, consider yourself lucky. Because reading all of this will have the same effect as watching an episode of Jersey Shore, you are guaranteed to walk away much dumber than you were before. Consider yourself warned…
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