Forgiving the Music Man

Posted on May 19, 2011


Forgiving the Music Man

A vision of me in a mystical state

Midday of passion, an unconscious mistake

Youth defies love’s lasting embrace

An altered state of mind soon took her place

A desperate flight from angels to the satellite in the sky

I wonder if he cared, I wonder if she cried

Imagination filled voids with tales that were told

Emptiness sustained in a life that unfolds

Darkness all around when access was given

Tear stained ink and music unforgiven

Was what he had felt and what he had known

Ever desired really to be shown?

Paper voyage of emotion, glimmer of hope in the eye

A piercing sharp pain of silence in reply  

Oceans apart and within the steel beast

The veil finally broken, the silence finally ceased

A disembodied voice, in all actuality

Clear across the world, from myth to reality

Whispered words of wisdom and some that were written

Origin and blood now flow from Britain

Promises made but the plans never set

An accented voice soon spoke of his death

A tortured old spirit was finally set free

A rootless young son must soon let it be

He must let it be

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