A Life Unfurled

Posted on February 7, 2010


Come Papa’s girl

take a seat right there

Your life is soon changing

so you must be prepared

Live your life free

And find your own style

Don’t rush into marriage

Go play for awhile

Experience the world

See all that you can

A secluded warm beach

Your feet in the sand

Live life simply

But reach for the stars

And never let others

Define who you are

It does not matter

If you are rich or poor

Owning the company

Or scrubbing its floors

Be the best at your job

Work hard every day

Keep your work ethic high

No matter the pay

Never give excuses

But always results

Always give compliments

And never insults

You will fall for a man

Who will hurt you so deep

Take time to grieve

Take time to weep

When the pain subsides

Wipe off all the dust

But dont let it keep you

From learning to trust

When the time is right

Love will find its way

Mold it with care

Like plyable clay

Experience comes with time

Gather what you can

But if you want it at all

Complete what you began

Take time to find God

Or lose Him completely

Love Him outloud

Or hate Him discreetly

It’s all up to you

Independence is yours

Just always remember

When it rains, it pours.

A time will soon come

When you fall to the ground

You will pray and pray

And not hear a sound

It’s OK to scream

It’s OK to shout

Just keep in mind

Life works itself out

I have taught you to adapt

and always overcome

When they take away your bread

You still have a crumb

Happiness is not guaranteed

But it can be pursued

Its found in your relationships

Not in money you accrue

As you spread your wings

And take flight from our nest

It’s Ok to come home

If you’ve given your best

Now  Listen to your papa

go out to the world

these words are my gift

to your life unfurled.

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