A Poem: The History of Thanksgiving

Posted on November 25, 2009



The Pilgrims sailed upon the Mayflower

They had no engines

but lots of wind power

9 weeks they sailed over ocean blue

All of them Puritans,

Not even a Jew

They arrived in winter

inside of Cape Cod

but later moved south

to worship their God

Plymouth was founded

a settlement was created

But the savages nearby

were very much debated

Then one day a savage came forth

His name was Squanto

who lived in the north

With him they all

made their amends

the enemy of their enemy

now were all friends

Spring finally sprung

and the harvest soon arrived

Those who lived through winter

were glad to be alive

Celebration and feasting was to commence

it was the English way

and it made good sense

The Indians all came

because they were invited

the children showed too

and all were excited

Turkey and deer and corn on the cob

they had no napkins

so they all ate like slobs

when dinner was done

tryptophan set in

they all told stories

about where they had been

the day was done

and the sun soon set

the English went to bed

aware of their debt

Days turned to weeks

weeks into years

The English had guns

The Indians had spears

Years turned to centuries

Troops were deployed

The west was won

The Indians destroyed

Diseased and defeated

sent to reservations

White guys eliminated

all tribal nations

Centuries go by

The Indians build casino’s

For Whitey to gamble

perhaps play some Keno

They will take all your money

sit back and chuckle

while you eat too much turkey

and loosen your buckle

Whitey wiped them out

by making them all ill

but their fighting back

by counting our bills

so this Thanksgiving

remember their plight

Good Thanksgiving to all

and to all a good night.

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