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Admirals, Samurai's and Umbrella's of Honor

January 22, 2010


Honor. It is a funny thing that I often wonder about. It is difficult to define, but somehow you know it when you see it… When two boxers are done bashing one another, they embrace one another. Two football players on opposite teams help each other up after a play. These things tend to leave […]

It takes time to write these things…

January 17, 2010


Stay tuned…

See Umar Fly. See Janet Fall.

January 10, 2010


On Christmas day a young mis-guided douchebag named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab experienced a small explosion in his underwear. No, he didn’t consume too much Indian Food that day. Rather, he decided he was going to stick explosive material down his tighty whitey’s and attempt to blow up a plane over Detroit Michigan. A plane that […]

And so you smoke…

January 7, 2010


Those closest to me and those who peer upon my tiny avatar, know that I love cigars. There is just something inherently magnificent about smoking a good cigar. It is not politically correct, it is not healthy, it is too expensive, it is time consuming… …it is simply magnificent. I think cigar smoking and guns […]


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